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Robin Springett artist and prop maker based in Northamptonshire UK. Specialising in movie and film art, still lives, oil paintings and prop making

Based in Daventry, I live with my beautiful wife, son and three cats. Much of my time is spent dabbling in my studio, creating art (oil painting, acrylic, watercolour... I love it all!), making curiosities and researching historical art techniques. 

Painting and creativity have always been a huge part of my life. From early childhood drawing to a keen interest in art at school, I've always wondered how things are made and wanted to recreate them for myself. 

After completing a degree in Natural History and Scientific Illustration I was lucky enough to work in the rainforests of Indonesia as a scientific expedition artist. This opportunity certainly appealed to my love of painting nature and saw me develop my photorealism skills. With a rise in technological advancements I turned my hand to graphic design and, working in a variety of industries, have seen my digital creations used worldwide. 

I have continued to paint in my spare time and have a passion for learning new creative skills. My love of films has seen me recreate film props, cinema art and movie posters galore (some of which are available to purchase in my shop!) My artistic interests focus on photorealism and renaissance art (it's a great excuse to travel the world and visit some wonderful galleries). I enjoy researching exactly how the masters created their masterpieces before painting my own versions using authentic techniques and materials. 

Whilst I've a million ideas of my own to make, I love to create art for other people. If you've an idea or something you'd like me to paint please do get in touch.  I'd love to create beautiful art for your home!

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