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Replica Movie Props and Film Curios


The Crown of Bethmora

Need to take control of an indestructible army of arcane warriors? The original Crown of Bethmora allowed you to do just that. Of course, this one is just a recreation. Take a look at the link below to see how I made mine, or click on the other link to buy one for yourself (or a megalomaniacal friend!) 

Goonies - Copper Bones.jpg

The Copper Bones

The Goonies is one of my all time favourite movies and I couldn't resist recreating this awesome prop. In order to see how I created this piece click the link below to view my blog. I also have a few of these for sale in the link below. Best hurry, there's only a couple left... 


Basilisk Teeth

Do you have a Horcrux you simply can't destroy? What you need is your very own basilisk tooth. Purchase them here... or learn how to make your own!


Sammael Prints

What do you get the Hellboy fan who has everything? How about this beautiful print of Sammael? Lovingly handcrafted each block print is subtly unique. Learn more about the art of block printing at the link below, or buy one of my meticulously researched prints. 

For many more projects and resources take a look at my blog at the link below. 

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