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Moments Lost 
Oil Painting

Moments Lost, a still ife oil painting by Robin Springett inspired by Blade Runner

This original oil painting by Robin Springett takes its inspiration from perhaps the most influential sci fi movie of all time: Ridley Scott's iconic movie Blade Runner. 


Showcased here are some of the most identifiable props in cinematic history. From the Orange grips of Deckards infamous blaster and the silver, origami unicorn to the angular Johnny Walker bottle and Cibi glass, every item is instantly recognisable. The props are framed by a background that evokes the dark, film-noir mood that pervades the movie.

The skillfully constructed composition and brilliant execution of the final piece transport you to a lost moment, direct from Ridley Scott's dark future.

A worthy addition to any collection, we're sure you'd agree!

>> Prints are available through the Hero Complex Gallery <<

Replica Movie Prop Making

PKD blaster made from a Takagi water pistol by Robin Springett

No Blade Runner painting would be complete without Deckard's PKD blaster! Obsessed over by movie fans across the world, the blaster is the prop that every collector desires.


My version was constructed from a water pistol with the addition of cast resin grips. Significant modification was necessary in order to reach the level of accuracy required for the painting, taking hours of painstaking research and precise construction. 

Two replica bottles from the movie Blade Runner

Bottles feature in many of my paintings and "Moments Lost" is no exception. Two bottles were created on this occasion; the instantly recognisable Johnny Walker Whiskey bottle and the "Mystery Bottle".


The angular whiskey bottle was constructed by hand using acrylic sheet and completed with replica vintage labels.  The "Mystery Bottle" is an accurate reproduction completed with my custom label based on the materials used in the movie.  


The chess set seen in Sebastian's apartment is a Banbury Studios British Birds chess set. These are quite fragile and now extremely rare. Whilst modern reproductions are available my set was created using photographs of a surviving set and photogrammetry software. After cleaning up the data I was able to 3D print a few pieces to use in my painting. 


Perhaps the fiddliest prop to recreate was the origami unicorn. In the movie Gaff creates numerous tiny works of origami art culminating in this piece which teases Deckard with the possibility that his dreams and memories may not be his own. I started by folding a few larger unicorns before slowly working smaller and smaller. My hat is off to people who perfect this incredibly challenging art form. 

Creating The Oil Painting


Working in my Northamptonshire studio, Moments Lost has been painted in oils on a rigid support. A grisaille underpainting was painted first in a traditional style before colour was added. 

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