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Moments Lost - Print

Moments Lost - Print

Blade Runner dominates the Sci Fi landscape; a genre defining movie many years ahead of its time. I remember being uterly captivated by Ridley Scott's stunning visuals and drawn into a dark world of high technology and moral ambiguity. 


Blade Runner also has some of the most coveted and researched props of any film. The PKD Blaster was obsessed over by many fans with more details emerging over time, culminating in the discovery of the actual hero prop in 2006. For my painting I was able to acquire a reasonably accurate water pistol that I modified to match the original with cast grips and some paint. 


The Whiskey bottle is another iconic prop that has been the subject of much research. It is believed the original was a counter-top-display perfume bottle however no one is really sure. Mine was constructed from cut acrylic and crazy glue... an idea that seemed good at the time. 


The chess pieces were models I researched, built and 3d printed but perhaps the hardest prop to make however was the unicorn. I learned to fold the complex origami using progressively smaller pieces of paper until I had the size I needed. 


This is available as a high quality Giclee print produced using archival pigments on an acid free paper, or as a poster print on 200gsm silk stock. Supplied flat and ready to frame (frame not included). 

Print size: 420 x 297mm (A3 landscape)


All of my paintings have been created in my Northamptonshire studio in oils on a rigid support. A grisaille underpainting was painted first in a traditional style before colour was added. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  

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